The Equiband Concept

EquicoreI am one of two UK Distributors for Equibands from Equicore Concepts.

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Equibands are are available in five sizes, Pony, Small, Regular, Large and Western, to order please enter your details below and payment can be made in two ways (£185 + £15 P+P).

A set of bands (2 of each size are included) costs £35.00 plus £5.00 postage and packing. These can be purchased separately as needed.

1. By cheque:

Please send a cheque made payable to 'All Creatures Great and Small' for £200.00 (£185 + £15 P+P) or for bands only £40.00 (£35 + £5 P+P) to:

All Creatures Great & Small
64 Gwendoline Close, Thingwall, Wirral, CH61 1DL

2. BACS Payment:

£200.00 (£185 + £15 P+P) or for bands only £40.00 (£35 + £5 P+P) to Santander Bank

Sort code: 09-01-27 and Account: 43962901

Please include your Name as a reference.

What is an Equiband?

EquibandCore muscles mobilise and stabilise the horse’s back. Core strength helps to prevent the development of back pain and injuries.

The Equiband™ system has been developed specifically to stimulate receptors in the horse’s skin and hair follicles. In response to this stimulation, the abdominal, sublumbar and deep neck and back muscles are activated. These muscles raise and round the back and engage the hindquarters.

Regular use of the Equiband™ system strengthens this core musculature, making it easier for the horse to work in a round outline and reducing the risk of pain and injury due to hollowing or instability of the joints in the neck and the back.

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