Suzanne Cottrial

As an Animal and Chartered Physiotherapist I strive to provide my patients and their owners with a professional and personal service. My holistic approach to animal treatment is based on both experience and intensive training which is ongoing in all I do.

  • Caring
  • Personal service
  • Professional
  • Prompt service
  • Flexible
  • Strong relationships with vets
  • Long term relationships with owners
  • Wide variety of owners – competitive to fun

I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2003 and worked in the NHS until completing my Masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy from the Royal Veterinary College in 2006.

Before this I was a Sales Manager, selling training courses in Project Management and Personal Skills. My career change was driven by the desire to work with animals as well as people within a recognised profession.

Since I qualified I have gained extensive experience of a range of equine and canine problems from relieving sore backs to teaching dogs to walk again. Working with the many vets across the North West, I have treated soft tissue injuries using electrotherapy and the variety of problems presented in horses from painful leg and back muscles to stiff necks.

Using the many hydrotherapy facilities in the area I have also strengthened muscles and loosened joints in both young and old dogs as well as provided home exercise programmes for clients to continue the hands on treatment of the Chartered Physiotherapist. I bring many years’ experience of people development and empathy through my sales and management skills, and now use these in the challenging environment of animal physiotherapy.

I am a qualified Assistant Instructor (AI) and having ridden for over 40 years bringing knowledge as well as technical training to identifying problems with horses. I have evented to Affiliated Novice level and also trained a homebred horse to Advanced Dressage.

I now have my own horse called Starsky who is my Hannovarian dressage horse of the future (hopefully) and presenting lots of challenges as he grows up.

As a dog lover I have 2 very well trained (!) terrier crosses who can walk for miles. I enjoy treatment success mainly working with horses and dogs but also work with cats and have fixed a couple of cows!


Suzanne Cottrial - Animal Physio